Ottelia acuminate reemerge on Erhai Lake

Jana Asthaa
३ असार २०७७, बुधबार १४:४८

Ottelia acuminate, which is called the touchstone for water quality, has recently reemerged on the Erhai Lake in west Yunnan’s Dali prefecture.

A species particular to China, ottelia acuminate has white petals and yellow stamens. Growing mostly in freshwater lakes on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, this plant is very sensitive to water quality, and it will stop growing once the water is polluted.

Since1980, Erhai Lake, the second-largest freshwater lake in Yunnan province, has been polluted due to population growth and tourism development in the lake basin. As a result, ottelia acuminate on Erhai disappeared and was replaced by cyanobacteria.