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China Yunnan

  janaaastha  11 August, 2020

Zhaotong beef kebabs get popular in Kunming

In northeast Yunnan’s Zhaotong City, folks have long been in love of shish beef kebabs. As Zhaotong folks are migrating

  janaaastha  11 August, 2020

Patrick’s dream life in Yunnan

In 1997, Patrick Nijs was sent to China to be Belgium’s new Consul General in Shanghai. He was 47 years old

  janaaastha  11 August, 2020

Shangri-La villagers live on mushrooms as ecology improves

Located in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing prefecture, Shangri-La is famous for its mushrooms during the rainy season. Over the years, local

  janaaastha  9 August, 2020

Heritages plus tourism: how an old village shakes off poverty

Since the development of tourism in Keyi village, Mile city of southeast Yunnan’s Honghe Hani autonomous prefecture, the livelihood of

  janaaastha  27 July, 2020

March toward “Xiaokang” (2) Bee-keeping enriches Yao village in S…

Na’metian is a Yao village in south Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. To help the poor villagers, the provincial taxation

  janaaastha  27 July, 2020

Yunnan mangos exported to Russia for the first time

A China-Europe freight train carrying 15 tons fresh mangos produced in northwest Yunnan’s Huaping county entered Russia on July 21

  janaaastha  27 July, 2020

Heritages plus sports: a key to attract more tourists

“At present, our Yongzi Go Academy receives about 1 million visitors per year. The constant arrivals of tourists have brought

  janaaastha  27 July, 2020

In pics: new helmet orchids found in SW Yunnan

Two wild helmet orchids have been discovered in southwest Yunnan’s Tengchong City, according to the Kunming Institute of Botany under

  janaaastha  27 July, 2020

Summer nights in Kunming, let’s keep moving

“Night economy” is a Chinese way to make the night lively and dynamic. Since its birth, the new economic pattern,

  janaaastha  23 July, 2020

Yilong lake: a paradise of birds in south Yunnan

Recent Xinhua video and pictures show a variety of birds are living and playing on the Yilong lake in south