Bangladeshi, Nepalese delegations visit Yunnan for cooperation

Yunnan was recently frequented by official delegations from the south Asian countries of Bangladesh and Nepal, both aiming to increase exchanges and cooperation with the Chinese province.

Bangladeshi, Nepalese delegations visit Yunnan for cooperation

The Bangladeshi delegation visit Yunnan for cooperation.

The 9-member Bangladeshi delegation was headed by president of Workers Party of Bangladesh Rashed Khan Menon, general secretary of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist-Leninist) Dilip Barua, and general secretary of National Socialist Party of Bangladesh Shirin Akhter.

During their stay in Yunnan, the delegation visited Yunnan International Medical and Health Cooperation Center, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kunming Baofeng Wetland Park and others, looking into provincial agricultural development, grassroots Party building, ecological progress and biomedical services.

The delegation also visited Yunnan Foreign Affairs Office, where they were told that the province has enjoyed economic prosperity and social harmony over the years, putting into practice of the Chinese path to modernization.

Yunnan and Bangladesh have geographical proximity, close folk ties, complementary advantages in medicine, and big potential for agricultural cooperation. The Bangladeshi youngsters are welcome to visit and study in Yunnan for stronger bilateral friendship.

The Bangladeshi delegation visit Yunnan for cooperation.

Rashed Khan Menon thanked China for its firm support for Bangladeshi development and hoped to strengthen cooperation with the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Yunnan is the Chinese province closest to Bangladesh, which is a major agricultural country. "As Yunnan is advanced in agricultural technology, the two places can further tap the potential of cooperation," said Menon.

Dilip Barua hoped for more cultural exchanges between Bangladesh and China. Encouraging more Bangladeshis to study in Yunnan, Barua invited Chinese medical companies to Bangladesh for business.

Shirin Akhter said China plays an irreplaceable role in the face of a turbulent international situation, and the Bangladesh-China exchanges and cooperation have a bright future. Shirin hoped for more bilateral cooperation in medicine.

The Bangladeshi delegation visit Yunnan for cooperation.

Led by Palikhe, president of Nepal-China Friendship Association, the Nepalese delegation came from Pokhara city, and they had talks with their peers from Yunnan Provincial Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau, Yunnan Provincial Department of Transportation, Yunnan Normal University, and others.

Yunnan and Nepal have seen frequent high-level visits and close cultural exchanges. “Yunnan is willing to strengthen cooperation with Nepal in economy, trade, folk bonds and others, welcoming more young Nepalese to Yunnan for visits and study tours,” said a staff at Yunnan Provincial Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

The Nepalese delegation visit Yunnan for cooperation.

Pokhara is a Nepalese tourist city that is twinned with central Yunnan’s Kunming city. Having reviewed the history of exchanges between the sister cities, Pokhara mayor hoped for closer exchanges with Yunnan universities and sports organs, as well as more cooperation with Yunnan in agriculture and tourism.

“We expect to give full play to the Pokhara International Airport jointly built by China and Nepal and operate direct flights regularly between Pokhara and Kunming at an early date,” said the mayor.

The Nepalese delegation have talks in Yunnan.

Staffs at Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau showed their willingness to cooperate with the Nepalese side in sports programs, while those at Yunnan Provincial Department of Transportation said they’d work with their Nepalese peers for opening of the Kunming-Pokhara air route.

Reporting by Han Chengyuan (Yunnan Daily); Trans-editing by Wang Shixue