Cambodian young man grows fast in power projects under BRI

Chen Jinbao, a Cambodian youth who was born in the 2000s, was recently invited to Beijing to participate in the "I Show ASEAN": China-ASEAN Youth Story Collection.

Talking about his ties with Chinese enterprises, Chen recalled his childhood, when frequent power outages inspired his dream of "generating more electricity for the country."

“Now, I not only work for a Chinese company and become part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), but I am also a witness, participant, and beneficiary of Cambodia’s rapid economic and social development,” said Chen. 

In April 2023, after graduating from the Cambodian Smart University, Chen joined the Cambodian branch of China National Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (CHMC). “Over the years, Chinese enterprises have built multiple hydropower plants, power transmission and distribution projects, and expanded rural power grids in Cambodia, significantly enhancing the local power supply capabilities,” Chen added.

“In recent years, Cambodia’s local infrastructure has greatly improved, especially in the electricity sector. Power outages and shortages are now a thing of the past,” said Sun Dongfang, Deputy General Manager of the Cambodian branch of CHMC. "We have brought investment, technology, and projects to Cambodia, driving local economic development while creating numerous employment opportunities for Cambodians.”

CHMC’s Cambodian branch has almost participated in all the local transmission and distribution projects. It has led over 300 Chinese enterprises to go abroad and provided employment opportunities for more than 30,000 Cambodians.

Since joining the company, Chen has observed significant personal growth. “Working for a Chinese enterprise has broadened my horizons and helped me find my own niche and sense of value. Many highlights in my work make both me and my mother proud,” he says.

In April of this year, Chen has been working in the Human Resources Department for a year, and began to be responsible for employee training. “My rapid growth would not have been possible without the influence of my Chinese colleagues,” Chen said. “Working with Chinese employees, whether discussing problems or reviewing, I always learn a lot.”

As working in the Human Resources Department, Chen often interacts with employees from both countries.

"In daily time, I also serve as a translator for Cambodian and Chinese colleagues. I notice that their communication only remains in the aspect of work," said Chen. "So, I wonder how to help them communicate more deeply."

During lunch breaks, he gathered colleagues from both countries to chat and eat together; after work, he organized some badminton games to bring them closer; and he also planned and hosted the company’s annual meeting, leaving beautiful memories for both Chinese and Cambodian colleagues.

Recently, Chen returned to Cambodia after his trip to China. Many Cambodian colleagues asked him about life and work in China: “How does young people’s life in Beijing look?” ”Is Beijing full of historical and cultural atmosphere?” Chen patiently answered their questions. Their curiosity showed how interested they were in Chinese culture.”

Chen wants to do more to promote Chinese culture and deepen his understanding and study of it. "The most important thing is to conduct a deeper analysis and integration of cultural differences and actively participate in related volunteer activities, building a bridge for cultural exchange between the two countries."

Source:China Youth Daily; trans-editing by Guo Yao