Xishuangbanna has rest home for youth

What happens if a group of young people live in a rest home? Last year, Xiao Lu, a young man, thought about opening a rest home special for young people in Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province. He was to help young people to relieve pressure in this way.

“People are kind of stressed out these days because of fast-paced life, as if they never stop for some while before moving on,” said Xiao Lu. “So, I decided to open a rest home specially for young people, where they can learn what they want together and relieve stress.”

The rest home is not large with only 12 rooms. However, it has everything. There is a bonfire area in the yard and a study room filled with sunshine on the top floor. Xiao Lu also supports environmentally friendly concepts as he turns many wastes into exquisite room decorations. “We provide clients with a public kitchen where they can cook themselves. We will also hire a cook. They can pay and eat, as well,” added Xiao Lu.

What’s more, Xiao Lu also mentioned that everyone is good at something for sure. At the rest home, people can use their talents like singing, painting, cleaning or cooking to get discounts on the room fees. “The important thing is to make everyone happy and feel relaxed,” said Xiao Lu.

Reporting by Zhao Yi from The Cover; trans-editing by Wang Yunya