Neighbors to cooperate more with Yunnan in digital economy

Neighbors to cooperate more with Yunnan in digital economy A speaker at the digital-economy innovation forum in Kunming.

Scholars, industrial insiders and entrepreneurs from south and southeast Asian countries said they hope to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Yunnan province in digital economy.

They said this on February 25, when the China (Kunming) South Asia and Southeast Asia Digital Economy Innovation Forum was held in Kunming, capital city of the province.

Located in the far southwest of China, Yunnan borders Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, and it’s adjacent to other ASEAN countries and the whole South Asia at large.

In recent years, the province has focused on digital industrialization, achieving high-quality development in digital economy. The forum is sponsored by Yunnan Computer Federation.

"Yunnan's location advantage and its digital technologies make it an ideal development partner for South Asian countries," said Anoop Ranjan Bhattarai, chairman of Nepal China Executive Councils.

In the future, South Asian countries and Yunnan can cooperate in combating cybercrime, data management and digital infrastructure, so as to bridge the digital divide and ensure that social sectors of the region will share benefits from digital economy.

Speaking on cooperation opportunities from the joint artificial intelligence (AI) laboratories in Sri Lankan high schools, Indrananda Abeysekera, president of the Association for Sri Lanka-China Social and Cultural Cooperation, said AI promotes cultural exchanges among all parties.

"I hope that Yunnan province could provide Sri Lanka with more AI research and laboratory facilities, strengthening joint investment in AI development."

The China Kunming Development Partnership Agreement (CKDPA) is signed at the digital-economy forum in Kunming.

Sundik May, head of the public relations department of Cambodia Investment and Trade Association, spoke on the Cambodian investment environment and the opportunities on cooperating with Yunnan in digital economy.

"Cambodia is working hard on digital economy, and Cambodian enterprises have entered the stage of digital growth. China is a key trading partner of Cambodia and we welcome Chinese investors to Cambodia for digital economy."

The COVID epidemic made us realize the importance of digital technology. At present, we hope to cooperate with Yunnan in digital economy and digitalization of education, said Lila Nyaichyai, head of the library information department, Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Reporting by Shi Wenzhi and Han Shuainan (China News Service); Trans-editing by Wang Shixue