Melon pears enrich Mojiang farmers

Melon pears enrich Mojiang farmers

In early spring, melon pears of Yayi town of Mojiang Hani autonomous county in southwest Yunnan province, entered picking season. In the planting base, lush fruit trees are laden with melon pears, and farmers are busy picking and sorting the ripe ones.

"The base has planted more than 60 mu (about 40,000 m2) of melons. They can be sold for up to 10 yuan per kilogram, with an average price of 6 yuan per kilogram," said Pu Song, the person in charge of the melon fruit planting base in Nangu village. The yield per mu is 2.5 tons, and the expected total income is over 900,000 yuan.

"I earn 80 yuan per day, with a monthly income of over 10,000 yuan. I can work near home. This not only increases my income but also allows me to take care of the elderly and children,” said Zhu Xiuying from Nangu village.

As of now, the total planting area of melon fruit in Yayi is over 120 mu (about 80,000m2), with an expected output value of 2 million yuan.

Source: Yunnan News; trans-editing by Wang Yunya