Yunnan exports 1.038 mil tons of vegetables in 2023

Yunnan exports 1.038 mil tons of vegetables in 2023

In 2023, Yunnan vegetables exported 1.038 million tons with a value of 3.36 billion yuan, representing year-on-year increases of 45% and 20.5% respectively.

With warm and appropriate climate, Yunnan province is an important supplier of vegetable products in China, providing fresh vegetables to various regions across the country every year.

In recent years, Yunnan vegetables has become one of the most competitive export commodities in Yunnan.

According to Kunming Customs in 2023, the export of vegetables through the China-Laos Railway reached 12,700 tons, representing year-on-year increases of 58%.

Inside the supervision area of the Dianzhong Customs under Kunming Customs, a refrigerated truck loaded with pea shoots, Chinese flowering cabbage, and Chinese kale is being packed and boxed. These vegetables can be on the shelves in Singapore market in less than a day.

"Our exported vegetables can undergo testing directly at the processing plant, and there is no need to store them in a warehouse for export. This saves us about 20,000 yuan per deal,” said Wang Feng, the head of Wanjin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in central Yunnan’s Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture.

Source: Yunnan Net; trans-editing by Wang Yunya