Frolics of elephants even from the wild are not rare and rather often. Starting from fondling the breasts of a young woman to pinning down a girl and tearing her skirt by the animal has gone viral all over. In the hill state of Meghalaya, the wild jumbos are seen stealing chapatis from burning gas stoves through the kitchen windows of army camps. Surprisingly, they rarely cause any harm unless harmed or provoked.

A full-grown wild elephant suddenly came out of the jungle in Assam last month and joined an ongoing football match played by the Indian Army jawans on the soccer field in Narengi near Guwahati. The incident took place last month in the Narengi cantonment area when the elephant entered the football playfield and interrupted the play. While walking past the football, the giant notices it and surprisingly walks back to show some fantastic dribbling skills as it kicks the ball. After kicking the ball two or three times it passed into the jungle from where it came without any fuss.

A grown-up African elephant was caught on camera trying to cop a feel of bikini-clad model Francia James, who was once visiting the Myrtle Safari in South Carolina. As she attempted to pet the huge animal, it put its trunk inside her g string bikini and wandered around her chest — apparently sniffing her out. “The trunk felt just like a large man’s hand with a high-powered vacuum attached!” the model said. Amused, she even put her experience on her Instagram.

One video even shows that an elephant’s calf sleeps with its keeper in a sanctuary in Thailand after she scratches her head to soft music. But once the girl is in slumber it takes away both her bed and the blanket and quietly sleeps for the rest of the night though close by. In another video a baby elephant is seen pinning down another model and tearing her skirt since she was teasing it.

Sometimes the elephants in the jungle stop vehicles on roads and ask for food. There are several incidents in which wild elephants in the North East enter kitchens of security forces camps in remote areas near the jungles and search for food. In one incident in Meghalaya elephants even begged for rotis but when refused took away rotis from the burning stove through the kitchen window. “We are used to elephants raiding our kitchen in this border outpost. They are usually harmless,” one officer said. At times the animals take away alcohol from the security forces camp and are quite fond of it.

A full-grown elephant in the border of the North East was once rescued by forest officials from a ditch where it was taking a mud bath due to the extreme heat wave in the region then. It went into the forest but again came back to the same area when it became sick as it suffered some injury in the mouth and could not eat. She was treated and given food but preferred to stay close to the human habitat for the rest of her life. They also seek human help when they or their babies are stuck somewhere. But at times the big animal could be dangerous whether in the wild or at home if it gets angry or uncomfortable or harmed.

Source: Himalayan News Chronicle