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China Yunnan

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Mu Rui restores relics in Yunnan museum

In the 1950s and 60s, most Chinese relic restorers began to fuse tradition into modernity in repairing cultural antiques. In

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Yunnan, Xinjiang hit anti-poverty goals

A woman of Lahu ethnic group picks tea leaves at Bulangshan township in Menghai county, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, April

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RCEP pact ‘victory of multilateralism, free trade’

  Leaders and trade ministers from ASEAN and the 15 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership countries pose for a virtual group

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Napahai Lake: A paradise for migrant birds

Located in Shangri-La City, northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Napahai Lake nature reserve makes a typical wetland-surrounded plateau

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China’s economic recovery gathers steam as major indicators improve further

Tourists admire the skyline view of Lujiazui area at the Bund in Shanghai, east China, Jan. 6, 2020. (Xinhua/Wang Xiang)

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A Dai village changed by art

The Palian village located in Wuhe township, southwest Yunnan province’s Tengchong city is a traditional village of Dai people. Under

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Samaba Rice Terrace Fields in late autumn

In different seasons, the Samba Rice Terrace Fields presents different scenery. As the year of 2020 enters later autumn, the

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Yunnan signs big deals at 3rd CIIE, ambassadors eyeing cooperation

The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened in Shanghai on November 4. With world economy inflicted by the COVID-19

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Black pottery fires rural tourism in Shangri-La village

Black glazed censer, Deqing ware, Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420), the Zhejiang Provincial Museum collection [Photo/] Potters in a village of