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China Yunnan

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Night learning, training make Kunming more innovative

  “Night economy” is a Chinese way to make the night lively and dynamic. Since its birth, the new economic

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Flowers essential to Yunnan local dishes Folks in Yunnan put their love to flower cooking, so they make flower cakes, rose snacks, pomegranate dishes and

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Rice noodles with tofu, a special snack in Yunnan

In Kunming, Yunnan province, rice noodle is a favored snack, especial rice noodles with light tofu. When it comes to

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China recently released summertime guidelines for COVID-19 containment. Here are…

  1.使用清洁的水和食材。购买食用新鲜的肉、水产品等食材,清洗加工食物、清洁烹饪用具和餐具以及洗手均应使用清洁的水。 Clean water and foods. In buying and eating meat, aquatic products and others, make sure they are clean

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Kunming Airport tops the world in punctuality, 95.81% flights taking…

With 95.81% of its flights taking off on time, the Kunming Changshui International Airport in May ranked first among the

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Potatoes: A favored food that nourishes Yunnan

Good for both the young and old, potatoes are an essential food on the dinner tables in Yunnan province, southwest

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Come to Yunnan for a tour of cultural heritages

The second Saturday of June each year is the “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” in China. This year, Yunnan’s events on

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Ottelia acuminate reemerge on Erhai Lake

Ottelia acuminate, which is called the touchstone for water quality, has recently reemerged on the Erhai Lake in west Yunnan’s

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Night snacks make Kunming more dynamic

  “Night economy” is a Chinese way to make the night lively and dynamic. Since its birth, the new economic