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Saving food also forms an international trend

While enjoying our daily meals, we should always be reminded of the efforts by those behind the foods and the grace by Mother nature.

Saving food has long been a tradition in Chinese history, and it is also valued by folks and families in China’s neighboring countries. Here are some views on food saving and being thrifty from the international audience.

Kunming foodie Ms. Chen: no greediness when dining out 

My family has outings every week. When dining out, I used to order a lot of dishes, causing unnecessary waste. But now I realized it is necessary to be sure we can eat up everything we ordered.

The other day, I had dinner with my friends, and we ordered twice to avoid food waste. We added another two dished during the meal and the idea worked out fine. Nothing was seen on the dishes when we left the canteen.

Yunnan reporter Mr. Zhang: measuring tools helps in food saving

An increasing number of Chinese families begin to value thrift and a healthy diet.

Since 2017, some new tools have been in our kitchen, such as food scales and measuring cups. As a result, we have, for each meal, fixed amounts of rice, meat, and ingredients as well as oil and salt.

It seems to be troublesome, but the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents defined the daily nutrition one needs. Eating too much or little can harm our health alike. Food saving during cooking works better than being on a diet.

Now no leftovers are seen in our refrigerator. Also, we care for food diversity, in a bid to form a healthy lifestyle.

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