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१७ श्रावण २०७८, आईतवार

Int’l tea expo held in Yunnan to boost trade, industry

The on-going Kunming International Tea Expo, which lasts from December 25 to 28, has drawn tea traders home and abroad into Yunnan’s center city for trade and business talks.

With seven exhibition areas set up in three pavilions, the tea expo was attended by 500 plus businesses, and the exhibits involve a diversity of tea leaves, tea sets, and other derivatives.

The tea industry holds an advantageous position in Yunnan’s effort to be a world-class producer of green food. Local tea output value has reached 93.6 billion yuan annually.

Sold on e-commerce platforms and online market places, Yunnan’s tea is becoming part of the secondary and tertiary industries.

Reporting by Yang Zheng; Trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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