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Government work report stresses poverty relief, digital economy

The third session of the 13th Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress, the province’s legislature, opened on May 10. Governor Ruan Chengfa delivered the government work report on behalf of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, reviewing the work done in the past and laying out the goals for 2020.

Work done in 2019 and at the 2020 outset

Absolute poverty is about to be rid of, with 95% of the poor lifted out of poverty. 95% of the poor villages and 90% of the poor counties in Yunnan were removed from the impoverished list. A total of 1.5 million were resettled, rooting out poverty.

Yunnan’s GDP has amounted to 2.32 trillion yuan (around 327.6 billion US dollars), ranking 18th among the Chinese provinces.

Economy shows structural changes, featuring eight key industries. Industrial investment increased by 11.7%. Three world-class industries of clean energy, green food and health-life tourism were stressed, with clean-energy use rising to 52.3%. A total of 1,525 green foods were certified with ago-product geographical indications, and tourism revenue totaled over 1.1 trillion yuan. The added value of non-public economy exceeded 1 trillion yuan.

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