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८ माघ २०७८, शनिबार
|  Sat Jan 22 2022
८ माघ २०७८, शनिबार
|  Sat Jan 22 2022

My Soul Left Behind

प्रकाशित मिति :  २ श्रावण २०७८, शनिबार १२:३०

-Yadav Chandra Sharma

My errands hither and thither simply frolic,
Baluatar is embossed in my cerebrum,
So are Singh Durbar and Sital Niwas,
Snake oil salesmanship and turmeric.

My obstinacy liquefied in a jiffy,
Though hypocrisy and conspiracy,
Incessantly blended in cheap,
Lucrative to me and for other is creepy.

The clouds produced from filthy place,
Will obviously scatter in the day light,
The sun undoubtedly rises again,
Whether, I will be there to rejoice?

All the pride, prejudice and gluttony,
Bled on the altar of unbeatable time,
I remained as a deaf, dumb and blind,
Floating scent, I can’t smell is my agony.

Flowering, fructification and reaping,
Crops returning of gorgeous nature,
The celestial beauty of valley profound,
My soul left behind to satiate from imbibing.

Sandwiched in own inherent nature,
Fastened and fettered and can’t move,
Beautiful panorama around you smiles,
And airs with sweet aroma gently touches.

love of the sky perpetually comes down,
The earth openly receives the natural gift,
But pity upon you, your determination
That bleeds before an old, wooden chair.

Oxygen cylinder of your conviction,
Bursts in front of la belle san mercy,
And you with brazen face,
Blatantly appear in birthday suit.

No spilt of things that you collected,
But you have been badly spilled over,
Because the ashes that you washed,
Negate your existence in your own soil.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस !