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६ माघ २०७८, बिहीबार
|  Thu Jan 20 2022

Yet to Be Enveloped

प्रकाशित मिति :  २३ असार २०७८, बुधबार २०:३०

-Yadav Chandra Sharma

Human life is undeclared incarceration because there are well set conventional fetters, clap-straps of domestic liability and socio-cultural relationship prompt to confiscate personal liberty. I think, only birth, growth and death before realizing liberty do not make sense of life. Absence of individual liberation causes suffocation and the person experiences melancholies even amid the crowd. Stereotype daily affairs convert a person into a beast of burden and the whole journey of life ends in a tom-tom race running between the lines.

This time, a powerful overflow of recollections spontaneously reeled over the past events in my cerebrum which made me force drive to Kathmandu valley. After long time, since I had left Kathmandu valley raping up all my hope and bags. As the first attempt, I went New-road and compared the past and present. This bowel-shaped cold valley is a magnificent garden where bloom the colorful dreams of countryside youths who come to embellish their emotions and imaginations. In fact, it flourishes and splendidly glitters on the surface but in depth, it is like a mangy blanket full of vermin.

I confused whether the New-road was beautified or made more grotesque because the construction and destruction was going together. Somewhere was well decorated and other was badly derogated. This place was a consolation avenue for us in order to gather mental peace and comfort. We didn’t have any work beside of campus going. Visit of New-road Pipal-bot saved us from being pendulum running between campus and shelter. It taught us substance and dimensions of life including the art of living.

This tree is a audacious living audience of National unification process. It has been an eye witness of oligarchic atrocity and sufferer of autocratic onslaught as a resilient sentinel of democracy. Finally, it has also been a dignified judge of April uprising and republicanism. Its solemn firmness was fantastic because the devastating earthquake of 1935 and destructive seismic disaster of 2016 could not quaver it. Unyielding firmness and the sway of thunderous manifestations of veterans and martyrs are conserved here. It has perhaps patted their faith, touched the belief and saluted their determination. Being a serene observer of incidents and accidents, this old tree has been an incessant source of information, an invincible fort of faith and unbeatable fortitude for me and millions of others, like me. Even today, I found the people idea-pollinating and proclaiming their thoughts from here. For a moment to be here amid of crowd, I listened them gossiping and felt me ridding an untamable horse of youth. I incorporated myself with the crowd and tried to enjoy the matters of discourse.

The speaker was potential and the speech made me spell bound. Allegorical expression, artful use of metaphor, captivating application of similes, creative exercise of shooting sarcasm, I assessed deserving to accolade. I overheard symbolizing an emperor’s magnificent cloth and shameless regents in the procession. Brazenfaced emperor was neither a bucolic character nor the issue was a common banter. It was a portrait of sinister attitude of despotism. Labyrinth of hypocritical expression of the modern elected emperors is its manifestation.

I found myself in the mob as a man of medieval age. The topics of polemics had been extreme philosophic for my level of understanding. The discourse was basically complicated. I was in a condition of the person who doesn’t have any comprehensive knowledge on owns circumstances, modification of kinsmen’s outfit and language. I didn’t consider wise to strike with a pound-hammer on my ounce-brain. Eventually the crowd more intensified and some youths a bit farther began to scream. I moved ahead.

They were talking about the promulgation of constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. I thought, the floodgate of the polemics opened and I may come soon under the sway of deluge. I perplexed and found myself like Alice in the wonderland. In fact, I could not precisely perceive but the clattering was vibrating the peripheral circumstance. The greatest complement to the speaker had been valley profound as if the saga of national reconstruction is kick started and they were rejoicing. At a close distance, there were some other groups and had different mathematics. I thought everyone is the master of one’s tenet.

The other speaker was highlighting on the atrocity of majority upon the minority stressing on blue strips of assault; wounds of derogation and baton of humiliation charged. For me, the account was splendid metaphor in cipher. I came to the conclusion that a wearer only knows about his shoe pinch. Commotion triggered in a bit distance drew again my attention.

I heard some other allegorical expression about drum beating, dream dealing, consolatory verbatim supplying without substantial consequence. He was stressing to a considerable drive for all-round progress of the country. Many things like party unification, blending of entire party wings and give a brake to populist pass off and so on were the topics of speech though it could not enlighten me enough. Beside these all, the issue of 2/3rd majority government, san-obstacles situation and feeble opposition entangled in its own cobweb and solely comfortable environment to set the wheel of development into motion also were some other issues of deliberation.

I was hastening to return back with a bundle of confusions in my mind. I heard another’s roaring that drew my attention. He was speaking about the parliamentary composition of different elements, strong existence of internal forces and penetration of external players, demand of monarchy’s reinstatement and declaration of Hindu kingdom and launching movement against federalism. Similarly feudal school of thought, aristocratic attitude and statuscoist and prevailing of separations were some other agendas including armed struggle against the system and catwalk of few faith based activists.

Perpetual flow of incoming and outgoing of speakers and alteration of audience is specific characteristics of Pipal-bot. A big deal of trivial supply cannot make any sense because the people meticulously analyze entire global phenomena. The bluff of sparrow chick about bamboo bend is a reflexive satire. No one can mock with the people’s aspirations. The clarion call for owns chivalry does not bring significant change in the condition.

The program was going on. But I was at the crossroad amid of attraction and detraction. My position, at that moment, was not better than a child who confuses to fill in the blanks inserting right words. As per their delineation, there were open horizon of opportunities and colossal mountains of challenges. The speaker stressed that the whole perspective was clear, global phenomenon were precisely assessed and the wheel of history cannot move back in any pretence. A straw splinter neither erects the dead horse nor does horse runs by flogging. The process was going unending. I moved ahead towards my destination with heavy head. I observed that the pipal-bot did not have significant change in both the form and essence.

But I found drastic change in sharpness of speakers, sublimity of audience and the democratic consciousness of security people. I left the place, even though the birds were not yet flying back to their nests, the west horizon was only a little reddish and tiny sun beams were stretching far and wide. Colorful bunch of clouds were assailing in remote atmosphere, evening markets were humming in new life and the sky was absolutely calm and clean. I reached back to my shelter however; the day is yet to be enveloped in the dark quilt.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस !