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१२ मंसिर २०७८, आईतवार
|  Sun Nov 28 2021

“Beautiful Yunnan·Shangri-La” cultural exchange activities into Nepal

प्रकाशित मिति :  ८ मंसिर २०७७, सोमबार १४:३२

On the 20th, the “beautiful Yunnan Shangri-La” series of cultural exchange activities launched in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu and Kunming, China, Shangri-La at the same time, to achieve a “handshake” across the Himalayas.

Launching ceremony (provided by the organizer)

The event was directed by the Information Office of the State Council of China and hosted by the propaganda Department of the Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee. The propaganda Department of the Diqing State Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Diqing Prefecture Government, the Nepal Branch of the China News Agency, the Nepal-China Media Forum, and the China Tibet Bookstore in Nepal were co-organized by the Yunnan Branch of the China News Agency and the Yunnan newspaper Culture Investment Development Co., Ltd. In addition to holding a unique “cloud” launch ceremony, but also held a week-long “walk into Kathmandu unobstructed XIANG Shangri-La” cultural exhibition in Kathmandu and Kunming.

Among them, the cultural exhibition held in Kathmandu, through the display of the beautiful scenery and ethnic characteristics of Shangri-La excellent photography, intangible cultural heritage products, food “dinner” and so on, let the Nepalese people “enjoy” the beauty of shangrila; The cultural exhibition in Kunming showcases nearly 40 oil paintings and photographs, showcasing Nepal’s natural scenery and cultural customs.

Yogesh Bhattarai Exhibition, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal. (Pushpa KC)

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the launching ceremony of the day innovative means to two countries three video connection way “cloud” open.

Peng Bin, full-time deputy director of the Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial people’s Government, said at the launch ceremony that the Southern Silk Road and the Tea and Horse Ancient Road closely linked Yunnan and Nepal and recorded the history of mutual exchange of needs and learning from each other. Today, open land and air access shorten the distance between Yunnan and Nepal. Under the background of Sino-Nepalese friendly cooperation, Yunnan and Nepal have more and more exchanges, and there are always endless friendships and endless stories. Under the epidemic situation, the holding of such cultural exchanges “through time and space” shows the value of friendship and the concern for each other. I sincerely wish you all an early victory in this battle of safeguarding the lives and health of the people of all countries, and sincerely invite all Nepalese friends to visit the most beautiful Yunnan when the epidemic is in full bloom.

Ganesh Prasad Timil Sina, president of the Federation Council of Nepal’s Parliament, said he was impressed by the rapid progress China has made, especially the dramatic changes in people’s lives, through cultural exhibitions. At present, Nepal is actively participating in the Belt and Road Initiative initiated by China, and hopes that the two countries will continue to cooperate and develop together.

Nepalese Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Bhattarai said that this year is the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nepal and China, hoping that the friendly relations between the two countries will be further strengthened. Bhattarai also pointed out that tourism is crucial to Nepal’s economic and social development. At present, China is an important overseas tourist market for Nepal. It is hoped that the two countries will further strengthen tourism cooperation and achieve better development.

Kishor Shrestha, chairman of the Nepal-China Media Forum, said that Nepal and Yunnan have many similarities, such as numerous nationalities and beautiful natural scenery. The two sides can learn from each other and strengthen cooperation in inheriting national culture, reducing poverty and environmental protection. I hope this event will further deepen the friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples.

Event site(Provided by the organizers)

Li Qingpei, deputy governor of the Diqing Prefecture people’s Government, said: since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening up, with the support of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the central government, the economy and society of Diqing have developed rapidly, and the living standards of the people have been greatly improved. The blue sky, magical snowy mountains, steep canyons, clear lakes, carpet-like meadows, dense primitive forests, rare animals and plants, magnificent national culture, so that Shangri-La, where the capital of Diqing is located, has gradually entered a world-class tourist destination.

Li Qingpei said that Nepal is also a multi-ethnic country, Religion has a long history, many customs and habits and Shangri-La have similar place, whether it is geographical relations, or similar living habits, even closer to the Nepalese people and the Shangri-la people. We sincerely welcome friends from Nepal to visit Shangri-La, travel and do business to enhance mutual understanding and trust.

At the launch ceremony, guests from the two countries and three places also connected by video. Walking into a Tibetan home in Tangdui Village, Nixi Township, Shangri-La, “Yun” tasted yak er tea, local chicken and other local delicacies, and “yun” enjoyed Tibetan Guozhuang dance.

活动现场(Pushpa KC)

活动现场(Pushpa KC)

活动现场(Pushpa KC)

活动现场(Pushpa KC)


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