Potatoes: A favored food that nourishes Yunnan

Jana Asthaa
५ असार २०७७, शुक्रबार १४:००

Good for both the young and old, potatoes are an essential food on the dinner tables in Yunnan province, southwest China.

Favorable conditions for potatoes

A plateau and mountainous area, Yunnan has a typically vertical climate in the low latitude zone. Such location and climatic conditions allowed potatoes to grow to be a major cash crop in Yunnan, and for a time, it is actually the staple food in the mountainous province.

In the past, folks in Yunnan were plagued by famine, and potatoes played a key role in warding off hunger. Cheap and rich in starch, potatoes were taken as a staple or side dish alike.

In the cold highland areas of Yunnan, villagers like eating grilled potatoes with chili sauce while chatting at the fireplace in the night.

Potatoes find their way into cities

With the socio-economic development, potatoes have become one of the snacks in Yunnan cities.